Oklahoma's Only Full-Scale Aquatics Supplier and Facility Maintenance Service

Ayers Family Koi Farm started over 21 years ago as a small backyard business. From those humble beginnings we have evolved into a business that does it all! We carry a complete line of freshwater decorative and game fish. If it swims, chances are we have it or can get it. Next is our complete lawn and landscaping facilities maintenance service which encompasses anything from general facility services to large-scale commercial acreages. We have the ability to maintain anything that grows grass or forage of any kind and design and make something beautiful out of that problem area that would not even grow weeds. Third, is our line of Zeigler animal foods. Our business can provide the proper nutrition for any type of captive animal from small rodents and reptiles to elephants and giraffes as well as most aquatic life. Lastly, we offer a full line of products for anything from fish ponds to commercial wastewater treatment plants. Ayers Family Koi Farm is the leading name in the industry.



































Ayers Family Koi Farms

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Webbers Falls, OK 74470

Toll-Free Phone: 888-746-7375