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About Us


Ayers Family Koi Farm began 20 years ago in our backyard as a small business with a vision. We wanted to provide our customers with quality products and Koi at a fair price as well as top-notch customer service. From that backyard location, we have evolved into a full-production Koi farm and pond products supplier. We carry many varieties of Koi which includes numerous varieties of longfin or butterfly Koi. All of our Koi originate from only the top Japanese Koi farms. We also carry a nice line of pond products and are very happy with the construction and durability of these products as well as the ability to offer affordable pricing. We take pride in what we have achieved since our humble beginnings and take even more pride in providing only the best Koi, pond products and top-notch customer service.



 We work very hard to provide outstanding customer service and ensure that our customers are happy with their purchases 100% of the time. From our Koi to our pond products, we back everything with our guarantee of satisfaction. We focus on the needs of our customers and strive to offer them unmatched service. We concentrate on the quality of our Koi while keeping strict guidelines in biosecurity before we present our Koi to our customers. We also do not attempt to mislead our customers by using gimmicks and making ridiculous claims about our business or our Koi. Everything speaks for itself. High-quality Koi and pond products at a reasonable price offered along with outstanding customer service is what Ayers Family Koi Farm is all about.



Every facet of our business is handled personally by the Ayers family. We do not have paid workers at our farm whose only goal is a paycheck while having no interest in the Koi or the business. Our hands-on approach to raising our Koi enables our quality and health standards to be second to none. We are unlike any other Koi farm in the United States and spend thousands of hours every year to ensure that our customers receive only the best there is.

 Our customers are the reason we are here and because we appreciate their business, we do our best to ensure our customers have everything they need and that their experience with us is nothing less than a good one. We don't expect a phone call from our customers only if they want to place an order. We want to hear from our customers for any of their needs, from questions about their Koi to just wanting to talk about anything in general. We have this relationship with our customers simply because they are not only our customers, but our friends, as well.

In closing, Ayers Family Koi Farm does not claim to have the biggest farm in the U.S., nor do we claim to have a multi-million dollar facility or "magic mud" in our ponds that will make our Koi show winners. We have seen these claims already, and in the end they mean nothing in regards to the quality and health of the Koi, which has been proven by "the others" year after year. We only have one thing to say about Ayers Family Koi Farm. "High-Quality, Healthy Koi at a Great Price." And that is not a claim, that is a promise.         



Ayers Family Koi Farms

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